Keep Trying

Elder Jeffery R Holland Quote

I have needed this quote for the past several months. Sometimes life throws you multiple curve balls all at once and you don’t even know what to catch first and even if you can catch any of them at all. I suffer from anxiety and depression. A good chunk of my anxiety stems from feeling out of control in life.

Thankfully this quote helps me feel not alone in feeling like life is hard. I know everyone has their challenges but sometimes it’s hard to remember that when you are in the middle of your own problems. I have found serving others and trying to get out of your own head tends to help the most. Also, another thing that helps is gratitude. Our family says 3 things we are grateful for every night before kids go off to bed. It started off as 1 thing and it was like pulling teeth to get our son to do it but now, he asks to say more. It is amazing what gratitude can do for anyone. I feel like gratitude is what centers everything. Whether it be a positive or negative situation gratitude neutralizes it.

Overall, we are not alone in feeling life is hard. We are with the best of people and we need to remember to think outside of ourselves even when life is its hardest.

The Importance of Creating

Something has come to my attention lately. Something that deep down I have always known. Creating is therapeutic for me.

Over the past year has been a whirlwind for our family. Just after my book came out my husband and I were both laid off from jobs we loved. Then a month later our landlords of 4.5 years needed to sell the home we were living in. We packed up from Seattle and moved to Tucson to live with my in-laws. It was tough. After 4 months we decided to do something drastic and pick up and move where we had the most job prospects, Orlando Florida.

We lived in an extended stay hotel, we found jobs within a few weeks of arriving and after 7 weeks living in a tiny hotel room we moved into a house. I felt like our family finally made it and for the first few weeks I was content.

That’s when depression sunk in again, I have dealt with it from a young again. It just didn’t seem to make sense. Then it clicked, I have been so busy with life that I had not taken the time to create.  Since then I have made time to create, something for me, no timeline, and even if it is just 20 minutes among several days. That has helped me cope with my ever-lingering depression.

My advice is find something you love to create and do it!

Create Quote

Book Launch Day!

I'm shocked by my emotions of today, I woke up wanting to crawl into a hole and hide from the world. I have never felt so vulnerable in my life. But I do know this is what I am supposed to do.  Deep breath, I made it out of bed!

You can now find "A Hand Not Taken" on Amazon, Kindle, iTunes and Nook. Read away and let me know what you think!

A Hand Not Taken

Fun Birthday Suprise

Months ago my Brother called me knowing I was going to a wedding in Chicago and he brought up he was going to visit Mom and thought it would be fun to meet in Chicago and surprise Mom with me and my family. 

It was a crazy day. My family woke up at 3am to catch our flight at 6am. We started driving down to the airport when our van started acting funny. We turned around to switch cars. Our car died as we turned off the highway to our house. We pushed the van through an intersection and into a parking lot. I ran home (thankfully only 1 mile) and we switched cars. My Mom was not feeling well and they were catching a train to go back home. We only had an a hour and a half window. But we did it! Happy Birthday to me!